BTC-E for thee, not me! (3/4)

For this entry, we go pretty far back to 2011, a mere two years after the inception of Bitcoin itself.

BTC-E was a crypto trading platform launched by Alexander Vinnik that at one point represented 3% of all Bitcoin trading volume.

Apparently Vinnik faced billions of dollars in money laundering charges where it is said he withdrew billions from the exchange and laundered them, but a Reddit post that reads more like a Hollywood movie script, alleges Vinnik may have been involved in a plot even more sinister.

The story involves, being a fugitive on the run, a rebrand of the exchange and even a bizarre connection to a paramilitary group that downed the famous Malaysia 173 flight.
You can read more at this Reddit thread:

In late 2020, Vinnick was sentenced to five years in Prison in France, but we have to believe this is not where the crazy story ends for BTC-E and those involved.


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