Carl Icahn and Bitcoin (4/4)

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Carl Icahn is one of the most famous corproate raiders in American history, with various major hostile takeovers including TWA airlines.

In the tweet above, Icahn is the butt of a joke involving his questionable investment in Hertz rental car. As much as we’d like to pile onto Mr. Icahn, he was pretty honest in his critisism of Bitcoin. He has gone on record saying that bitcoin and other cryptos are “ridiculous”, however he followed up by saying that “maybe I don’t understand them” and that maybe he was too old for them (cryptos).

We give Mr. Icahn credit for disclosing that he doesn’t understand them and poking fun at his own age in relation to the technology.

I think you can see the general sentiment of “old money” when it comes to cryptocurrency and that’s fine, they are entitled to their own opinion. One day, us pioneers of this space will be the old fogies, sitting on our yachts with names like “Ether” and “Satoshi”… waving our fists at futuristic investments we don’t understand.


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