Peter Theil’s take on crypto and Bitcoin (3/4)

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Two of the most famous PayPal founders are probably Elon Musk and Peter Theil. Peter Theil has become one of the most well known venture capitalists and investors since leaving PayPal, in fact he was one of the first outside investors in Facebook. 

Sporting a net worth of over 6 billion, Mr. Theil is one of the more forward thinking entries to our list and has had a lot to say (and do) in the crypto space.

As early as 2017, Theil and his company Founders Fund purchased 15-20 million worth of Bitcoin and he hasn’t stopped there.

Recently, Theil has referred to himself as “pro-Bitcoin maximalist” which typically means that one believes Bitcoin to be the superior digital asset in the crypto space. However, that hasn’t stopped Theil from getting involved in other cryptocurrencies. Mr. Theil is one of the principal investors in the Reserve currency (RSR), which hopes to build a stable coin that can battle inflation in countries suffering from currency inflation.

File Peter Theil in the “one to follow” column, as we are very interest in the crypto projects he touches.


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