CoinMarketCap acquired by Binance – can they stay unbiased? (2/5)

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In early 2020 Binance (one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges) acquired CoinMarketCap for a reported massive sum.

Why does this matter? 
Many have speculated and even laid accusations that CMC is not able to remain unbiased after this acquisition. Posing that, if you control the data on the worlds most visited crypto site, you could very well steer visitors to the projects you are invested in and the exchanges you own. It is not necessarily a reason to stay away from CMC, but it is something to keep in the back of your mind when using this or any exchange; always ask yourself, “could there be bias?”.

Now we aren’t yet on-board with the anti-Binance sentiment that seems to be spreading through Reddit, so let’s focus on some of the provable stuff.

Right now, the CoinMarketCap API is premium only. So if you are building an APP or platform that pulls mass data, using CMC will cost you. 

According to GTMetrix – CoinMarketCap loads slightly faster than CoinGecko, so if you are chasing seconds CMC may be the best play.


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