Erik Finman – The Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire? (2/6)

Erik Finman lists himself as the youngest Bitcoin millionaire, proclaiming he obtained this title at the age of eighteen. 

His story is one of those stories that could have happened to any of us, but Erik had the discipline to see it through. Back in 2011, when Erik was 12, he saw a guy wearing a Bitcoin shirt while visiting Washington, DC. The shirt, he says, led him to doing research about bitcoin and understand how great its future could be.

He decided to put $1,000 in Bitcoin back in 2011 and managed to maintain iron hands along the way as the coins appreciated and made him a millionaire roughly around 2017.

He’s still much involved in the crypto space today and back in 2020 Erik helped introduce the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 as citizen advocate. He also Tweeted in January 2019 that he was “doubling down” on his $DOGE investment (Dogecoin).

At only 21, Erik has spent half his life involved in this technology and you can follow his journey further at @erikfinman on Twitter.


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