Peter Saddington (3/6)

Peter Saddington may be best known for being one of the most public example of “When Lambo” – when he exemplified the meme and purchased a Lamborghini directly with Bitcoin in 2017. Using the Bitcoin’s he acquired way back in 2011, Peter says the sports car only “cost” him $115.

Not all of us were fortunate to get into crypto that early, and Peter himself will admit it was a lucky investment. He got into Bitcoin when they were in the $2.50 range and the rumor is he bought more than 1,000 coins back then. 

Despite the good fortune, Peter apparently still buying Bitcoin every Friday. 

Outside of cryptocurrency, Saddington is the CTO of VinWiki which is a social vehicle history reporting platform. The official website continues with:
“Every vehicle has a story. Do you know the details of yours? VINwiki lets you see the full picture behind a car’s unique history

You can read more about VinWiki at and you can follow Peter at @AgilePeter on Twitter.


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