Early Bitcoin Millionaires – Where Are They Today?

The early days of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were seen sort of like the wild west by many; with minimal regulation and wide eyed optimism for a fascinating technology. Amongst the calamity, many unsuspecting figures became millionaires seemingly overnight off of Bitcoin. 

Now, years later, we thought it would be interesting to see what those once unsuspecting millionaires are up to today. Are they still involved in crypto? Passionate about the tech? Let’s find out!

#1 Jered Kenna – One Of The First BTC Millionaires

Jered Kenna is one of notable "early Bitcoin" millionaire stories.

When it comes to price entry points in Bitcoin - there's early, and then there is Jered Kenna early. Jered is rumored to have entered into Bitcoin at the 20 cent range and exited at $200 or so. Although his net worth is not public, it's believed that his iron hands made him a millionaire a few times over. So, what's Jered up to today?

Jered was absent from social media from 2016 to 2019, when he resurfaced with a Tweet that mentioned he "lost love for the industry" and that "he still think it's brilliant but I'm not active."

Since his early crypto days, this former Marine has purchased a building in San Francisco where he runs a co-working incubator named "20Mission" and is listed as the current CEO.

Currently you'll find some crypto related activity scattered amongst his timeline, but he seems to be more involved in his business, Tweeting about the fiasco that was Robin Hood and Gamestop.

You can keep up with Jered at @JeredKenna on Twitter.

#2 Erik Finman – The Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire?

Erik Finman lists himself as the youngest Bitcoin millionaire, proclaiming he obtained this title at the age of eighteen. 

His story is one of those stories that could have happened to any of us, but Erik had the discipline to see it through. Back in 2011, when Erik was 12, he saw a guy wearing a Bitcoin shirt while visiting Washington, DC. The shirt, he says, led him to doing research about bitcoin and understand how great its future could be.

He decided to put $1,000 in Bitcoin back in 2011 and managed to maintain iron hands along the way as the coins appreciated and made him a millionaire roughly around 2017.

He's still much involved in the crypto space today and back in 2020 Erik helped introduce the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 as citizen advocate. He also Tweeted in January 2019 that he was "doubling down" on his $DOGE investment (Dogecoin).

At only 21, Erik has spent half his life involved in this technology and you can follow his journey further at @erikfinman on Twitter.

#3 Peter Saddington

Peter Saddington may be best known for being one of the most public example of "When Lambo" - when he exemplified the meme and purchased a Lamborghini directly with Bitcoin in 2017. Using the Bitcoin's he acquired way back in 2011, Peter says the sports car only "cost" him $115.

Not all of us were fortunate to get into crypto that early, and Peter himself will admit it was a lucky investment. He got into Bitcoin when they were in the $2.50 range and the rumor is he bought more than 1,000 coins back then. 

Despite the good fortune, Peter apparently still buying Bitcoin every Friday. 

Outside of cryptocurrency, Saddington is the CTO of VinWiki which is a social vehicle history reporting platform. The official website continues with:
"Every vehicle has a story. Do you know the details of yours? VINwiki lets you see the full picture behind a car’s unique history

You can read more about VinWiki at VinWiki.com and you can follow Peter at @AgilePeter on Twitter.

#4 Charlie Shrem

Charlie is perhaps the most polarizing member of this list and one of the few that has his own Wikipedia page. 

Charlie started investing in Bitcoin back in 2011 while attending Brooklyn College. After the exchange he was using lost all his bitcoins, he decided to open his own exchange named BitInstant. BitInstant was widely successful until its ultimate shutdown in 2014 citing they just couldn't keep up with regulations.

Shrem was eventually arrested and served about a year in prison on charges related to unlicensed money transmission.

More recently we got a peek into his potential net worth when a lawsuit filed by the Winklevoss twins led to Charlie's 32 million in assets being temporarily frozen (eventually the case was dismissed).

Currently residing in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, Charlie is active on social media and recently is heavily involved in his podcast UntoldStories which "dives deep into the lives of some of crypto's most influential leaders".

You can check out his podcast at UntoldStories.com and keep up with Charlie on Twitter at @CharlieShrem.

#5 Winklevooss Twins

If you are new to crypto, you probably know Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss from their involvement in the creation of Facebook, their portrayal by Armie Hammer in the Social Network movie and the well publicized Facebook lawsuit in which they were involved.

But those of us that are deep into crypto think more of "Gemini" when we hear about the twins. Gemini is one of the largest US crypto exchanges and routinely has hundreds of billions of trading volume and went live by the brothers' hands back in 2015.

Before starting a massively successful, licensed Bitcoin exchange and sporting a combined net worth north of five billion, these titans of industry took a gamble on bitcoin in 2012 and began investing in the tech when it was priced under $10 a coin.

Spoiler alert: Their gamble paid off and when coupled with their hard work has propelled them into the crypto history books.

Personally, I'm glad their fate took them away from Facebook and into the crypto world.

Follow them on Twitter at:

(how cool are they, they have a Twitter handle that is just their first name...oooh)

#6 Satoshi Nakamoto the OG Crypto Millionaire

No list would be complete without the OG himself Satsohi Nakamoto. He's the original Bitcoin millionaire (and now billionaire), assuming he is still alive and has access to his private keys.

If he is still out there, he hands must be made of literal diamonds to never move the coins we know to be associated with him.

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