Jered Kenna – One Of The First BTC Millionaires (1/6)

Jered Kenna is one of notable “early Bitcoin” millionaire stories.

When it comes to price entry points in Bitcoin – there’s early, and then there is Jered Kenna early. Jered is rumored to have entered into Bitcoin at the 20 cent range and exited at $200 or so. Although his net worth is not public, it’s believed that his iron hands made him a millionaire a few times over. So, what’s Jered up to today?

Jered was absent from social media from 2016 to 2019, when he resurfaced with a Tweet that mentioned he “lost love for the industry” and that “he still think it’s brilliant but I’m not active.”

Since his early crypto days, this former Marine has purchased a building in San Francisco where he runs a co-working incubator named “20Mission” and is listed as the current CEO.

Currently you’ll find some crypto related activity scattered amongst his timeline, but he seems to be more involved in his business, Tweeting about the fiasco that was Robin Hood and Gamestop.

You can keep up with Jered at @JeredKenna on Twitter.


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