Ethereum hits 1 billion market cap in 2016 (1/6)

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Erik Vorhees is one of the the oldest high profile figures in the crypto space. He founded and sold one of the most popular Bitcoin betting sites, SatoshiDice and sold it 2013; he’s also the founder of a very popular crypto trading platform.

Back in 2016, Erik Vorhees found it tweet-worthy to announce that Ethereum had reached a 1 billion dollar market cap. (And it certainly was, for the time.)

Ethereum went live in 2015 and quickly started to make its way in the crypto-verse. For comparison, back in 2016, Bitcoin’s market cap was in the 10 billion range.

This tweet is great to look back on considering that at the time of this writing Ethereum’s market cap is 400 billion. 

In five years, Ethereum has gone from representing 10% of Bitcoin’s share to 40%, and talks of “flippening*” are increasing every day.

*Flippening is a term that describes the point at which any other cryptocurrency dethrones Bitcoin as the number one market cap coin in the world. Right now, Ethereum is by far the closest.


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