Wikileaks And Bitcoin (6/6)

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The whistleblowing wiki, which was creating by now-jailed Julian Assange was the perfect fit for a decentralized money system.

In 2016 WikiLeaks received a milestone 2.9 million worth of Bitcoin donations. A source as recent as 2020 has found that WikiLeaks has received 46 million worth of BTC since 2010. 

It’s tough to say what the future of WikiLeaks is without Julian, but back in 2016, their receipt of nearly 3 million in Bitcoin was one of the biggest tweets of the year.

Nowadays, Twitter is jam packed with crypto related tweets and it’s not uncommon to see mentions of millions of dollars of crypto donations on any given Tuesday.

In 2021, Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey of Twitter donated 500BTC towards making Bitcoin the internet currency.


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