Stanley Nickels Cryptocurrency Token (3/3)

In 2021 when meme magic is stronger than ever Stanley Nickels became a reality. In the wee hours of April 8th 2021, Leslie David Baker announced via Instagram that The Stanley Nickel Token would be releasing “soon” on the Rocket Drop staking platform.

Stanley and his soon to be on-screen nephew Sardar Khan announced they decided to release a real version of the Stanley Nickel seen on The Office onto the blockchain.

It turned out the rumors were true and now one the greatest shows every produced will have a piece of its history immortalized on the immutable ledger known as the blockchain. We cannot wait to monitor the progress of this token.

Furthermore every transaction of Stanley Nickels contributes directly to the nonprofit organization known as The Actors Fund.

If you are interested in Stanley Nickels or $NICKELS, you’ll have to go through the RocketBunney platform. For more information on RocketBunny, Stanley Nickel Tokens and the benefits of being involved in them, check out, or follow @RocketBunny2021 on Twitter.

Now that the first shoe has fallen, it seems likely that Schrute Bucks cryptocurrency will find a way to follow Stanley Nickels to a blockchain near you soon enough.

Let’s just hope Stanley doesn’t celebrate the official launch of the token by telling us to, “Shove it up our butt!”.


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