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One user expressed doubt on who actually uses Bitcoin ATM’s. “I’m not exactly sure who uses these? The two that I have seen and interacted with had the price of a BTC at more than 15,000 USD higher than it should have been! Is that going to change?” Said user @ElevatedTail.

He wasn’t the only user expressing concern over high fees.

“Adoption is booming and so are transaction fees. Be careful out there.” Warned user @SnarkyAlien

Other users commented about the lack of any innovative design on the machines.

“Looks like a machine from the 90s lol” Said user @4angelse


In summary, Crypto ATMs are not recommended by most as a preferred method of buying crypto. The high fees and potential for security risks make crypto ATMs good for little other than some small transactions, simply for the novelty.

You can consider testing one out for fun by googling “crypto ATMs near me”.

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