Winklevooss Twins (5/6)

If you are new to crypto, you probably know Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss from their involvement in the creation of Facebook, their portrayal by Armie Hammer in the Social Network movie and the well publicized Facebook lawsuit in which they were involved.

But those of us that are deep into crypto think more of “Gemini” when we hear about the twins. Gemini is one of the largest US crypto exchanges and routinely has hundreds of billions of trading volume and went live by the brothers’ hands back in 2015.

Before starting a massively successful, licensed Bitcoin exchange and sporting a combined net worth north of five billion, these titans of industry took a gamble on bitcoin in 2012 and began investing in the tech when it was priced under $10 a coin.

Spoiler alert: Their gamble paid off and when coupled with their hard work has propelled them into the crypto history books.

Personally, I’m glad their fate took them away from Facebook and into the crypto world.

Follow them on Twitter at:

(how cool are they, they have a Twitter handle that is just their first name…oooh)


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