Charlie Shrem (4/6)

Charlie is perhaps the most polarizing member of this list and one of the few that has his own Wikipedia page. 

Charlie started investing in Bitcoin back in 2011 while attending Brooklyn College. After the exchange he was using lost all his bitcoins, he decided to open his own exchange named BitInstant. BitInstant was widely successful until its ultimate shutdown in 2014 citing they just couldn’t keep up with regulations.

Shrem was eventually arrested and served about a year in prison on charges related to unlicensed money transmission.

More recently we got a peek into his potential net worth when a lawsuit filed by the Winklevoss twins led to Charlie’s 32 million in assets being temporarily frozen (eventually the case was dismissed).

Currently residing in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, Charlie is active on social media and recently is heavily involved in his podcast UntoldStories which “dives deep into the lives of some of crypto’s most influential leaders”.

You can check out his podcast at and keep up with Charlie on Twitter at @CharlieShrem.


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