5 Times Crypto Was Referenced In TV/Movies

Seems like as of late talk of crypto is EVERYWHERE. But did you know that various films and TV shows have been referencing the cryptocurrency as early as 2012? Grab your popcorn because here’s 5 times crypto was references in the media.

#1 How to sell drugs online

Most people know this, but one of the original use cases for Bitcoin was to purchase drugs from the Silk Road. The Silk Road was one of many 'dark web' stores in which users could purchase various illegal narcotics and have them shipped to their house. Obviously, a few grams of Cocaine wouldn't look very good on your statement from Bank of America so some clever people decided that Bitcoin would solve the issue of anonymity and transfer value without leaving a paper trail.

In the series, the main character receives Bitcoin in exchange for sending Ecstasy from Germany. It's actually based on a true story!

#2 Crypto In Big Bang Theory

In episode 9 season 11 of Big Bang Theory, bitcoin is referenced.

"Yeah I can't believe a single bitcoin is worth about $5,000" says Howard in the episode. Well, I just for hope Howard's sake he went and bought the day that episode aired!

I wonder how many people saw this episode and bought bitcoin because of it?

#3 The Simpsons Predicted Bitcoin?

The Simpsons has been claimed to predict the future. Many videos on Youtube can be found showing the various time Simpsons have portrayed something only for it to come true years later.

There's a theory that claims The Simpsons predicted Bitcoin in 1997(as you can see in the above image).

It does seem awfully coincidental although they could be referring to cryptography as well...nonetheless cryptocurrency was most definitely referenced in season 31 episode 13 in which Professor Frink speaks with Jim Parson from Big Bang Theory about bitcoin and the blockchain.

#5 Bitcoin

Crypto was mentioned in the Marvel animated movie Into The Spiderverse.

"Crypto hits all time high"
"Crypto hits all time low",

displays the billboard at New York Times Square at the same time, poking fun at Bitcoin's volatility.

Who knew that even in the spidey universe with all of the uncanny villains and widespread city chaos, people had to worry about crypto crashes?

What do you think?


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