These Crypto MEMEs will lower your IQ

Thousands of coins and millions of memes. Here are some ridiculous crypto/bitcoin memes we are currently vibing’ on. But honestly, they may lower your IQ :/

The struggle is real…so damn real

Gone are the days of browsing social media before bed, or reading a chapter in a good book as I fall asleep.

Refreshing my portfolio every 5 minutes and expecting a change is my new favorite? past time....

Got me pegged.

I feel personally attacked with this meme. Get out of my head!!


My friends think I'm some sort of zen master, holding my coins with my diamond hands.

If they only knew the struggle of us holders...

Why do I even bother?

I always start off with good intentions. Trading is a great way to increase my stack, right?

Somehow I always end up with less coins than I started with. I guess I'll just stick to holding... hmph!

What do you think?

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