Celebrities Involved In Cryptocurrency And Some We Wish Weren’t

Whether you love celebrities or not, it’s clear that their involvement can bring exposure to cryptocurrency. We’ve put together a list of some of the notable celebrities that have been involved in crypto in some capacity. 

Some of these names bring some serious clout with them, others… well, not so much!

#1 Ashton Kutcher

Known for many things; That '70's Show, Two and a Half Men, Demi Moore and Mila Kunis, but you may be surprised to know just how intertwined Ashton is with crypto.

In 2018 Mr. Kutcher donated 4 million in crypto XRP to Ellen DeGeneres' charity.

Additionally, he's been quoted as saying, “I think bitcoins are obviously becoming more and more relevant"

#2 Bill Gates

Once a Bitcoin bear, many people are curious as to Bill Gates' current opinion on Bitcoin and crypto.

Recently Mr. Gates was quoted as saying "I don’t own bitcoin. I’m not short bitcoin. So, I’ve taken a neutral view."

In the past he was much more negative on crypto, he still thinks the nefarious things that can be done with the technology, that "It’d be good to get rid of that.".

That being said, Microsoft recently was granted a patent for a "cryptocurrency system using body activity data." 


#3 Elon Musk

Elon Musk is no stranger to attention. The Billionaire CEO of Tesla, Space X and a few others, Elon has made news recently with his tweets regarding DogeCoin. One recent tweet wrote "Doge spelled backwards is egod". Whether he is trolling or not, he has shined a spotlight on Dogecoin of late.

Additionally, Elon says he'll "soon" start accepting Bitcoin to those interesting in buying Teslas with Bitcoin. We sure hope soon is ASAP!

#4 Gwyneth Paltrow

When Gwyneth isn't busy giving questionable health advice on her website "GOOP", she is involved in lots of other business facets. One of these being crypto.

She is currently the face of bitcoin wallet, Abra as well as an advisor for them since 2017.

Additionally, in 2018, she tweeted an article on the basics of Bitcoin and crypto.

That's cool with us Gwyneth.

#5 Jay-Z

One of the godfather of rap, Jay-Z recently teamed up with Jack Dorsey to invest 500 BTC in a fund with the goal of "making bitcoin the internet's currency".

Their initial plans of development heavily involve both India and Africa.

Much of what Hov' touches turns to gold, so we are happy to see him jump on the Bitcoin train.

#6 Lindsay Lohan

File this entry into the, "thanks, I guess" section. I suppose, no news is bad news right.

Well Lindsay tweeted "Bitcoin to the moon" in February 2021 and also recently recorded a video predicting Bitcoin to reach 100k. 

Note: The video was made for Cameo, so she may have been instructed to say that, but the Tweet seems to be organic.

We'll take it....I guess?

#7 Maisie Williams

This Game Of Thrones Alum is Bitcoin curious. Or at least she was in 2020 when she tweeted "Should I go long on bitcoin ?"

She was met with with over 5,000 replies and the memes just wrote themselves. Later she tweeted that she bought some (anyway).

"A girl buys Bitcoin" - The many faced god. Probably..)

#8 Mark Cuban

This tech billionaire seemingly loves the crypto space.

Mark Cuban, best known for being owner of the Dallas Mavericks and his frequent appearances on Shark Tank, was once a Bitcoin skeptic. Lately, though he has softened up to the tech. His Maverick's made the news when they started accepting Dogecoin for their tickets and merch.

He also to have been holding crypto for years without selling anything. 

#9 Paris Hilton

"That's Hot!"

This celebrity heiress has made the news a few times for crypto related stuff. She endorsed an ICO in 2017 (we wish she hadn't), but on the positive side, she recently sold some artwork for Eth and received 17k worth of Eth for her drawing of a cat. 

Yes, we said a cat and 17 thousand in the same sentence. 

#10 Snoop Dogg

Platinum Rapper? Yup

Crypto Fan? Looks like it.

Snoop Dogg was one of the celebrities that helped Dogecoin "smoke" it's all time high in February 2021, tweeting out indirect support of the currency - following Elon Musk's lead.

#11 Steven Seagal

Recently the SEC roundhouse kicked Steven Seagal for his role in an 11 million crypto scheme.

The actor was charged with 'unlawfully touting' the cryptocurrency "bitcoiin" (two i's) in 2017.

The actor failed to disclose the payments he received for promoting the coin and ended up settling for over 300k. Ouch.

In fear of retribution in the form of karate chops, we will refrain from any easy jokes here.

#12 The Winklevoss twins

The twins may be best known for their involvement in Facebook, they are some of the pillars of the Bitcoin community.

They invested in Bitcoin early and recently became billionaires.

Additionally, the created the popular US crypto-exchange, Gemini.

What do you think?


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