Mr. Wolf Of Wall Street Himself (2/4)

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Wait a minute that’s not Leo DiCaprio!? 

For many people, they first heard about Jordan Belfort thanks to the Martin Scorsese smash hit, The Wolf Of Wall Street, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. 

However, the movie was based on a true story and the real Jordan Belfort served his debt to society and currently makes his living as a motivational speaker and sales trainer.

Jordan gets asked a lot about his thoughts on cryptocurrency and we took to his Twitter for some answers. In the tweet featured above, Jordan outright calls bitcoin a scam….mentioning the video attached that he is wary of the fact that a “very large portion (of Bitcoin) is owned by a small number of accounts”. 

It’s interesting to note that since he published those thoughts in 2018, Bitcoin was worth about seven thousand and now it is worth more than four times that amount. Price isn’t everything, but many early investors in Bitcoin are faring much better than the penny stocks he was peddling.

Mr. Belfort has gone on to clarify that he is a supporter of blockchain technology, but does not believe that Bitcoin is an effective medium of exchange “until Governments/Banks get behind it.” (Yikes)


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