Nevin Freeman (6/7)

Nevin Freeman is a Co-Founder and current CEO of the Reserve Protocol and their RSR and RSV tokens.

Reserve is project that aims to bring a stable coin to countries riddled with inflation. In places like Venezuela, where inflation is massive and unstable, Reserve can act as a safe haven for the income of millions of people.

Nevin’s travels as CEO of Reserve have taken him all over the world, speaking gigs in Europe, business research in South America and plenty more.

Why Nevin?:
Many analysts see Reserve as one of the next massive cryptocurrencies in the near future and it would be cool to pick the brain of a young entrepreneur while a project is in that “crazy startup” phase that is experiencing explosive growth.
Reserve’s ultimate goal is to help make the world a better place for millions of people and hearing about individual’s stories would be heart warming.


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