The response (5/5)

Some people have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration for the parabolic rise of celebrity rug-pulls and scams. For those that don’t know, a rug pull is when the leader of a project runs off with investor money or makes a false promise. Think of it like inviting someone into your home only to pull the rug so they fall on their butt.

Twitter user Zabi was fed up and let the world know that promoting scams to fans wasn’t cool.

His response is among many.

“Well, remind me to stay away from coins sponsored by faze. Their team/friends was using the huge liq and dumped on every buyer.They deleted the tweets promoting it and their IG model deleted the story promoting it as well. Full on scam.Sad seeing this from a big orga, cunts.” says user Mcryptolive21

It’s important to always be aware of what you’re being sold by the people you follow. Influencers can have a profound effect on consumer behavior. More often than not, YOU are the product being sold. Your loyalty and belief in that influencer have a price and marketers will capitalize on this. Always keep an eye out for scams and assume that anyone talking about any project is being paid for it. To repeat always assume anybody talking about a project online has a personal interest in doing so.

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