Only OGs Remember These Cryptocurrencies

Even if you have been in the cryptocurrency game since Bitcoin was $1,000, there is a good chance many of these cryptocurrencies came and went before you even became a fan of this technology.

As thousands of altcoins are added every year, it is important to remember our history and take a look at some of the coins that helped pave the way for a more developed economy.

I would say if you remember half of these coins or more, you are a true “OG”.

#1 Dash

Dash is "only" seven years old (young for this list), but it has to be mentioned when discussing the altcoins that paved the way for all altcoins.

Dash was created in 2014 and is a fork of the Bitcoin protocol. Written in C++. 

Created originally to allow quick transactions and have a swift governance structure to overcome Bitcoins "shortfalls" (their words, not ours)

Originally, Dash was the subject of many pump and dump accusations. After going through a few rebrands (once known as Darkcoin), Dash found it's footing in 2018 and has seemingly restored its reputation.

At the time of this writing, Dash is in the top 50 on Coinmarketcap, a testament to its longevity. Many of the coins on this list have come and gone from CMC.

According to Wikipedia - Dash is the most popular cryptocurrency in Venezuela.

#2 Namecoin

Created just two years after Bitcoin, Namecoin came onto the scene in 2011 with the flagship goal of distributing the .Bit domain extension.
Aiming to be a censorship-resistent domain similar to .com or .net and being independent of the ICONN governing body.

This obviously let to some unsavory domains being created and in 2019, OpenNIC dropped support for .bit domains after malware abuse, among other things.

The idea was interesting, and I encourage you to peruse their wikipedia for a good history lesson. That being said, it appears Namecoin's time has come and gone. If you look at their chart you can see the trading volume has been relatively miniscule, occasionally failing to break 100k or worse.

#3 CoExistCoin

If you remember this coin, then pat yourself on the back, it's one of the more obscure entries to this list.

Much like those funky CoExist bumper stickers seen on the back of many cars, CoExistCoin was meant to be altruistic in nature.

Launched in 2015, their mission was to be the first charity block-chain currency to help the less fortunate.

Going off memory (we were there!), they aimed to be the defacto end to misuse of charity funds.

Seemingly all the time an article comes out about how a major, reputable charity organization is not passing on the proper amount of donations to the people in need.
CoExistCoin, using the blockchain ledger, would see all donations provably reach the intended end-user.

With no trading volume and a website that has been taken down, CoExistCoin will have to live in our hearts and our minds only. RIP little buddy.

#4 DevCoin

Despite still having a functioning website, it appears that Devcoins time has also come and gone - recording zero volume on Coinmarketcap for 3+ years now.

In it's heyday (which was 2011, whew) it was an ethically inspired crypto created to fund open-source work by programmers.

Basically a donation coin for developers offering their stuff open source.

Despite being effectively obsolete, it's blockchain is still running and is one of the longest running blockchains in existence.

#5 TerraCoin

Similar to Bitcoin, Terracoin launched in 2012, attempting to do all the things Bitcoin can do, but better - mainly faster transaction times and improved security.

Personally, we think Bitcoin's security is just fine, but Terracoin did carve out a space for itself. It currently still has 800 members of their subreddit, nearly 10 years later.

It "improved security" by merging mining and dark gravity wave difficulty recalculation. If that last sentence makes sense to you, congratulations, would you like a job? 

You can check them out at

#6 Vertcoin

Vertcoin launched in early 2014 and aimed to focus on decentralization (don't we all?). At the time, it was hailed for it's "one click mining software". You have to remember this was back when mining was shrouded in mystery and technical difficulty.

While that was cool and all, unfortunately in 2018 Vertcoin suffered for 51% attacks and had to change its algorithm. Even then it suffered another attack in 2019. Its legitimacy has been challenged ever sense.

Vertcoin is still alive and kicking today, although at much less volume then before. If you remember Vertcoin then you are an OG!

#7 Digibyte

One of the few coins on this list that still has a strong foothold in the top 100 market caps, Digibyte was founded in 2013 and has a market cap approaching 1 billion.

Digibyte was based on Bitcoin but had adjustments for improved functionality with things like 15 second block times and "improved security" (there's that phrase again).

It was featured on Fast Money in 2014, a big deal at the time, but more lately it seems to be pretty uneventful, despite occupying a top 100 spot on Coinmarketcap.

If you are looking for a fast Bitcoin alternative, you can check their community out at Always do your own research, we don't recommend this or any other coin in this article.

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