The Most Crpyto Friendly Travel Destinations

If you are both a cryptocurrency lover and a travel enthusiast, we have good news for you. Every year that passes there are more and more travel destinations that are cryptocurrency friendly. 

From places in the U.S. to Europe to the Caribbean, check out this list of the most crypto friendly travel destinations, and we aren’t talking just Bitcoin either.

#1 Berlin, Germany

In a country where long term crypto holdings are tax free (for residents), you won't be surprised to know how crypto friendly Berlin is for travelers.

Although the tax benefits are only helpful to residents and not travelers, just the stance on crypto alone has seen Bitcoin and other cryptos accepted in hundreds of cafes, pizza shops and boutique stores.

There are currently 7 Bitcoin ATMs within a short uber ride in Berlin if you need to sell some BTC for cash on the fly.

#2 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina is a must see location to begin with. You add in their crypto friendly-ness and you have a great travel location.

There are many locations that accept Bitcoin natively, but even more practical is the amazing 11 Bitcoin ATMs around the city. These ATMs will allow you to get cash for your Bitcoin when crypto is not accepted. 

Additionally, you can now pay for public transportation with Bitcoin. Getting around by bus is very common in Buenos Aires and now you can load your smart card with funds using your Bitcoin. Pretty amazing!

#3 Various Caribbean Countries

In 2018, the Caribbean Tourism Organization partnered with blockchain startup Bitt to facilitate more efficient payment processes for tourism related products and services.

This overall sentiment has led to many Caribbean islands letting their guard down and accepting cryptos. You'll see the "Bitcoin accepting here" in many surprising shops and cafes.

In fact the island of Antigua is currently accepting Bitcoin and BCH at over 40 businesses as of December 2020.

Before you ship off to the Caribbean you should Google "island your considering + Bitcoin" and choose accordingly

#4 Malta

Malta, which is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, is known for is gorgeous scenery and awesome multicultural heritage. Their economy is nearly exclusively tourism. 

Malta also has a very crypto friendly legal environment for citizens and businesses on the island.

Unofficially known as "blockchain island" you can get a tennis lesson from Tennisline nad pay in Bitcoin. After that head on over to Corazon Tattoo Studio and pay for a tattoo in cryptocurrency (we hope you'll get a crypto inspired tattoo).

There are also many shops and restaurants that accept crypto as well as Bitcoin ATMs.

#5 Prague, Czech Republic

If you've ever used a Trezor wallet, then you've used a Prague-created crypto technology.

Prague is very crypto friendly, with their government once saying "don't fear Bitcoin". That being said, they aren't just Bitcoin enthuses, a wide variety of cryptos are accepted at many businesses in Prague, including Ethereum and Litecoin.

#6 San Francisco, USA

There are many cities in the U.S. that are crypto friendly. Kansas City, Austin, Silicone Valley all come to mind, but San Francisco has really set them self apart lately.

Recently it was reporting on padailypost, that the local superior courts are accepting Bitcoin for bail bonds. Crazy!

Additionally, there are over 100 listed businesses accepting crypto and probably hundreds more than don't advertise as such.

#7 Tokyo, Japan

In 2017, Bitcoin and other cryptos were officially recognized as valid forms of payment in Japan.

When you arrive if you need some electronics, hit up Bic Camera for your electronics needs. They have dozens of stores and accept crypto!

Grab a cocktail at the Hackers Bar in downtown Tokyo and be sure to pay your bill in crypto.

There's also dozens of listed places to eat and drink where you can use your crypto as payment.

In 2017 according to Nikkei Asian Review, Japan was beginning an effort to see 260k+ stores accept Bitcoin. Four years later, we have to think, crypto is widely accepted all over Tokyo. Yippee! 

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