Who's Laughing Now? Fast Facts About the Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin is dominating social media lately and taking the crypto-verse by storm causing many experts to scratch their heads trying to figure out why.

By the creators own accounts Dogecoin was started as a joke, but their appears to much more than meets the eye when it comes to Doge.

Between the memes, funny dog(e) pictures and crazy price action, there is a lot of interesting fun facts about Dogecoin that you may not know about. Try these fast facts about Dogecoin:

#1 What is Dogecoin? A basic history.

Founded in 2013, Dogecoin (pronounced DOJH) is a cryptocurrency created by Billy Markus (@BillyM2k) and Jackson Palmer and by their own words started as a joke.

Back in 2013 these two founders collaborated to create a Bitcoin alternative, or "altcoin" to get in on the action of the booming altcoin market. In Markus' own words when asked about Dogecoin in relations to all the new coins coming out (at the time):
"I thought it was silly, and also thought that, considering there were so many coming out, it was probably easy to make."

It turns out that it was easy, for Markus anyway, and Dogecoin was launched by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus in 2013. Christening the launch of their project with the Dogecoin.com domain, they were off and running.

The project is full of humor and an air of not taking oneself seriously. Even today, the website is pretty simple and sports the Shiba mascot in all the right places.

Seven years and thousands of memes, Reddit posts and extreme price action later, Dogecoin has currently gone from being basically worthless to a peak price of over .40 - leaving many early Dogecoin adopters barking, "Who's laughing now?"

#2 Shiba Inu – The Mascot of Dogecoin

If you're a fan of incredibly cute furry pets, you probably recognize the Dogecoin mascot as the Shiba Inu dog breed.

The Dogecoin logo is based on a real Shiba dog. 

Dogecoin is based off the 2010 internet meme simply known as "doge". The original doge meme was popularized after a 2010 photo surfaced of a Shiba Inu dog who lives in Japan and she's been an internet celebrity ever since.

Although now many other Shiba breed dogs are featured in the Dogecoin memes, the original furry friend is listed as still alive as recent as 2020! 

#3 Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus Sold All His Dogecoin in 2015

One of the two co-creators of Dogecoin, Billy Markus, is still involved in the community, and is always ready to share a funny Tweet or some fun facts about the project.

Although Billy once penned a Reddit post admitting he sold all the crypto had in 2015 (rendering the recent fortunes of Dogecoin useless to him). It appears the Doge community has decided to say thanks to the creator with Dogecoin donations, as well as giving free press to Markus' recently sold NFT. 

His recent NFT sold for 69k and Billy got emotional when discussing his fortune of late on Twitter, mentioning that he was able to pay off his mom's home equity loan. "Lots of tears".

#4 Celebrities are getting in on the Dogecoin action

Earlier this year Dogecoin spiked in price when celebrities like Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg tweeted out about the altcoin, causing the market to go crazy. It appears that round two of celebrities trying to get in the action has begun.

One notable celebrity to tout the coin was Mr. Flavortown himself Guy Fieri, who posted a picture of himself in a custom Dogecoin astronaut suit, apparently headed to the moon.

#5 Peter Schiff is *still* mad,

Never one to shy away from a chance at attention, nor take the opportunity to be a hater, Peter Schiff chimed in after a recent Dogecoin pump.

As this point we are wondering if Peter Schiff is just trolling now, or if he is still truly this butt hurt about Bitcoin.

Regardless of what happens to Dogecoin in the future, you can't deny that this project will be included in the history books of crypto for years to come.

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