POLL: Are Your Crypto Preferences Like Everyone Elses?

We in the crypto space come from all walks of life and surely have various, different habits for our crypto life, but I have a suspicion many of us share the same quirky habits. See where you line up in this cryptocurrency poll.

  • Question of

    Wake up in the morning, first thing – what do you think about?

    • Getting a well balanced breakfastMy crypto portfolio (before my eyes even fully open)
    • My crypto portfolio (before my eyes even fully open)
  • Question of

    Time for a break at work, I will

    • Read another chapter in my favorite book
    • Research moonshots and meme coins.
  • Question of

    Your crypto portfolio is down 35% overnight

    • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s over!!’
    • tis but a healthy correction old chap
  • Question of

    Time to research a new coin, where do you start?

    • Tokenomics, fundamentals and transparency
    • Oooh look a funny name!
  • Question of

    Adopted a new pet, what type of name you thinking?

    • Fido or Baxter
    • Satoshi the cat!!
  • Question of

    Crypto portfolio is UP 35% overnight

    • It will surely correct soon and that’s okay
    • It’s never coming back down! We’re all gonna make it!
  • Question of

    Once my coin moons I’m going to buy:

    • A Lambo baby!
    • Literally never selling
  • Question of

    When it comes to telling your friend and family about Crypto

    • Hey, I tried.
    • I don’t tell them. Not worth the risk!


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