These Crypto Logos Are Pretty Cute, We Can't Even Lie.

Currently there are an estimated 10,000 or more cryptocurrencies in existence (that number is probably on the light side) and there are good projects, bad projects, scams and everything in between. Generally, the first thing that grabs a persons eye, whether they are looking at a crypto project, a business or anything at all is the logo.

Good or bad, here are the crypto logos we think are just darn cute.

*Disclaimer: We are not recommending these cryptocurrencies, in fact, we don’t know anything about many of them. Please don’t buy cryptos based on logos. (lol)


CLAMS has been around the crypto space for a while. Six years in the crypto spaces, makes CLAMS a veteran of the game.

Here's the problem, their website has been taken offline and CMC reports volume as unkown.

These CLAMS may be on the way out, but the logo is pretty cool. There's something romantic about seashells and all that.

#3 Pancake Swap (CAKE)

I guess that's a pancake with ears or something?

We thought it look kind of like a bunny. Or, maybe it's a pancake in the shape of a bunny?

Either way, we like pancakes and we like bunnies. This simple logo is pretty cute. For real.

Currently in the top #75 on Coinmarketcap, these Pancakes must be hot. DYOR!

#4 Pearl Finance (PEARL)

We don't know much about pearl, in fact before today we had never heard of them. We know they must be semi-new since they are utilizing the ever-so-trendy .finance domain. 

Regardless, similar to CLAMS, we are back to the seashell-ish theme, except this time there's a smooth little pearl in the middle.

Google reverse image search show this logo to be unique, so it appears to be a custom job. Our complements to the designer.

#5 Ravencoin

You can tell if a coin is at least a few years old if it has "coin" in the name; that was very popular in the first 5-6 years of crypto. Now a days you see, "swap", ".finance" or "tokens"...

Ravencoin is a privacy focused coin, similar to Monero, that focuses on asset transfer. Ravencoin appears to be a legit project, in the top 75 of all market caps, but we don't care about that. 

We care about the clever design of the logo. Ravencoin has blended that "techy" geometry, with the shape of a bird. Bright colors and cool blending. Way to go Ravencoin graphics department.

#6 Shroom Finance

I think this coin just tickled our nostalgia, as it resembles a Mario mushroom. 

When don't know anything about Shroom Finance, except that they use the word "chad" in their description of themselves. 

These DEFI "chads" have a cool logo. That's something, I guess.

What do you think?

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