Do you fall into these crypto habits?

Whether you are new to the crypto space and just bought your first $100 in bitcoin or were present when Satoshi released the whitepaper in 2008, you probably fall into some of these crypto habits. Don’t worry you aren’t weird, we all do this – oh hell, maybe we all are just weird? Only crypto people get us..

Refreshing your portfolio

Some people binge Netflix, others watch sports; I don’t know about you, but I spend a good portion of my time refreshing my balance over and over expecting a change. Who needs the real world, it’s just me and my coins. (Please send help).

Giving crypto advice to friends (or na).


We’ve all done it, we get super pumped for the next big thing and can’t wait to spill our guts to our friends. I mean, we want them to share in our success, right? Well, then the dopamine wears off and you worry about them getting rekt, sometimes I wish I could just keep my big mouth shut. Oh well.

Envisioning myself being ultra wealthy

Ahhh, summers in Ibiza, weekends spent drinking champagne on my yacht. What more could one ask for? I spend ungodly amounts of time imagining myself enjoying the fruits of my major crypto wealth in the future. Surely my $200 investment in memecoin#243 will vault me to the 1%, right?

“Timing the market”

Ya, don’t mind me I’m just a seasoned trader. “If I sell my crypto during a bull run and then buy the dip, I can increase my stack!” – who among us hasn’t had this brilliant idea. It’s simple math right? Of course it will work.
Yet somehow after a lengthy trading session I end up with less crypto then I started with 🙁 .. maybe I’ll just stick to buying and holding… until my next bright idea.. sigh.
(You know what they say about “Swingies” right?)

Joining in on the discussion

If you are like me, I can’t wait to jump into the discord/telegram of my latest sure-fire 100x coin. I’m prepped and ready to have a refined discussion about the project’s use-cases, price action and technical analysis with likeminded individuals…sounds good right?
(insert frog memes)
“What lambo you guys gonna’ buy?
“Excuse me sir can I have some free coins!?”

Okay, maybe I better stay out of these chat rooms. oof.

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